Frequently asked questions

1How long does the experience last?
The total experience will last about one hour.
2What can you tell me about the clothes?
The clothes and props are high-end. They are made by the famous tailor Stefano Nicolao, of the prestigious Atelier Stefano Nicolao.
3How many persons can participate?
Every 20 minutes the tour can be booked by a group of 4 participants. If you want to book the photoshoot for more than 4 persons you block for more 20 minutes. The photo can be made by a maximum of 8 persons.
4Can we expect any public?
Yes, there will be other guests. But there is enough space for everybody. We provide a serene and quiet atmosphere, a private setting, chic and modern.
5Is catering provided?
To keep the clothing and props clean, no catering is available during the session. And it is not allowed to bring food and drinks with you.
6What about the photoshoot?
Each group of participants will get immediately after the session 1 professional photo in print, format A6.
7Are children welcome?
Bacause of the clotches and alle the masks children under 16 are not allowed in the photostudio.